These things can be predicted for 2024

Some things are easy to predict in this world. The sun will rise. It will be hot this summer. Christmas decorations will start showing up in stores earlier and earlier each year.

The NFL however is harder to predict as we all know. Except for the Dallas Cowboys. I wish this wasn’t true. But the Cowboys have become fairly predictable in many ways. In fact, here are some predictions I can confidently make for 2024:

  • Jerry will hold court in the Cowboys “party bus” prior to the draft. Whatever he says won’t make sense.
  • Jerry will proclaim we had “a great draft” this spring. May even show the world our entire draft board to back it up.
  • Stephen will explain why we ”can’t afford” any big FAs this year. You know…salary cap restrictions.
  • Jerry will tearfully tell us at his annual “State of the Cowboys” presser how strongly he believes in his team, his players and coaches, and that he cannot be anything but positive because that’s his nature. Other “State of the Cowboys“ presser predictions:
    • Jerry will be dressed like a coach.
    • Stephen will giggle at all his daddy’s jokes.
    • Jerry will once again set a Guinness record for the number of times the word “uh” is used.
    • Mike McCarthy will look uncomfortable and will speak last and least.
  • Less Cowboys fans will believe all or most of the above sales job than at any time this century.
  • But the “stayjum” will still be full and the networks will make the Cowboys the Game of the week each week.
  • The only other prediction that is easy: If the Cowboys actually miraculously have a deep playoff run in 2024, it will be because “Lady Luck” felt sorry for us.

Sadly, the above predictions could have been made every year for decades.

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