The Offseason Was a Mirage

When Free Agency started, between that and the draft, this is what Dallas needed just to stand pat, not to mention improve:

  • a disruptive, quality DT
  • a playmaking safety
  • Real investment in a backup QB
  • Offensive Line help at multiple positions
  • A starting caliber WR at least until Gallup is back
  • A pass rusher to take the heat off Micah
  • A kicker

And now 6 months later…. Maybe you have a kicker? TBD?

We knew in February, in May, and even in August that that Josh Ball as the swing tackle was a terrible idea. That there was a strong chance Steele at RT wouldn’t work. That Biadasz isn’t one of the better centers in the league. That Tyler Smith has penalty issues and could have rookie growing pains (though he was decent Sunday Night).

Dante Fowler is a 3rd string former bust. Sam Williams will need time. All dumping Gregory meant was more snaps for Dorance Armstrong.

Tampa Bay was gashing up the middle. The Bucs are not normally a productive run team, they were bottom 5 each of the last 2 years. How many other teams would Neville, Bohanna, and/or Osa actually start for? Single digit?

And backup QB. You’ve intently addressed it only twice in the last decade: Dak Prescott in 2016 and Andy Dalton in 2020; both were very smart. Not doing it every single year is not.

How WR has unfolded is nothing short of shocking. Washington was dumped by Pittsburgh because the WR factory couldn’t get production out of him. He should be the #4 guy when he’s healthy… but will probably start. Tolbert was the excuse why Dallas didn’t go out and get a name, and they wouldn’t even dress him. Turpin got 0 snaps. Noah Brown is a good player, but if he’s playing 40 snaps on offense then something has gone terribly wrong.

It’s as if this offseason didn’t even happen.

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