The NFL teaches another lesson this week

You see it on our forum all the time. Fans look at the schedule and pick wins and losses. A bad loss means a team sucks. A big win makes a team unbeatable. Until the next week. The Cowboys looked unbeatable the first two weeks. Then the cards and niners had something to say about that.

So who had the browns winning today? The jets beating the e-girls? The chiefs struggling with the hapless broncos? The giants should have won in Buffalo tonight. Jalen Hurts now has more picks (7) than he had all of last year. None of us saw that right?

I have no idea what’s going to happen to our Cowboys tomorrow night against the chargers. But I can say nothing would surprise me. Whatever any of us think we know how things will turn out this year, we don’t know.

It‘s a long season. The Cowboys are still in the thick of everything. But I won’t buy any contender hype again until I see some grit and toughness from this team for a change.

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