The case for a RB high in the draft

The Cowboys have never accomplished much running the offense through the QB, they have run it through the RB throughout their history with HOF RB’s.

In 2016 and 2014, they ran it through the RB and got homefield. Coincidentally, the RB’s made All Pro both seasons.

There are two RB’s worthy of 1st round picks and the Cowboys need to land one of them because that is the immediate impact player out of this draft.

This is not a future pick, it is a pick for now because the NFC is there for the taking but they need to have a run control the game offense.

And Pollard is not that RB. Robinson or Gibbs are better backs and that’s the easiest transition position next to PK in the league.

I’ve wavered between OL and DL but can’t see them taking a DT in the 1st anyway, just not sexy enough and I considered WR and TE but I have settled on one of these two RB’s and run the offense through them. Can’t give the QB any better help than that.

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