Preseason Game 1 Post Mortem

I was at the game in Denver last night and came away with a few observations I think could be important going forward. Before I even say anything let me say win, lose, or draw it was great to see the Cowboys back on the field for the first time this season.

#1) QB

Cooper Rush probably is not going to make the roster this year. Yes the guy won you the Minnesota game last season, but wow he missed on quite a few makable throws against Denver's practice squad DBs, couldn't set his feet, and the offense was stagnant with him in there. Say what you want about Ben DiNucci but he looked significantly better last night and it wasn't really close. I want to see what Will Grier can do for us too. I'll be interested to see what happens going forward, but the backup position is starting to get out of Rush's reach in my opinion. I don't love any of the options but someone has to win.

#2) Offensive Line

Tyler Smith was DOMINANT last night outside of the two penalties. The dude is still a raw prospect, but I was specifically watching all of his reps out there and he was blasting people out of the way in the run game and had nice, light feet and heavy hands in the pass game. I like the trajectory here and Dallas may have found a good one.

Additionally, Josh ball is really not very good. The technical term for his play last night is burnt toast. What a disappointing pick. I think there is a chance he is cut before game 1. I hated the pick from day one given his legal history so I am glad to see a guy like that go. Outside of that, not a whole lot else I could glean from the position group.

#3) Kicker is a Problem

The answer is not on the roster. Jerry needs to get a grip and find a vet that can give you league average play. Of course, there are another 2 kickers on the roster that didn't kick last night, but none of them have played meaningful NFL time.

#4) This Team is UNDISCIPLINED

I understand it was a preseason game, but 17 penalties is completely and utterly unacceptable. Do you think a Tom Landry coached team would routinely show up and post 10+ penalties a game? Not a chance. I do not know what it is going to take to fix this problem, but our guys see no issue committing a blatant penalty and throwing their arms up at the refs. I place this squarely on Jerry and the culture he has developed around this organization. Something has got to give, but Dallas will not win anything if they keep it up with sloppy play like this.

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