My Observations From the Game

First and foremost, it's a waste of time to play DiNucci or Rush at this point in time, even in the preseason. I know Grier is a better player than both of these guys, but we'd be better served if he played in the next preseason game to see what we have out there.

Second, I really like our rookie tight ends. Both Hendershot and Ferguson.

Gallimore and Bohanna look like they have both put on weight. And I saw improvements in both, but especially Gallimore. He looks like a different player.

Stand out player. Doran Bland. Goodness. Get this guy on the field. He makes plays. He has great instincts, plays the ball great, covers better than I expected, and tackles well. Loves this pick so far. He looks like a natural out there. I feel more confident in him that I would Joseph right now, who I would say played better than Nashan Wright, so at least he's competing out there.

I thought Waletzko looked pretty good at LT, when I noticed him in there. He got some push on a run play, while Tyler whiffed his assignment and couldn't find anyone to block.

Basham played with really good instincts tonight. He made a case for himself, I think.

Fowler flashed why DQ likely brought him on.

Aaron Shampklin, to me, looks better than the rest of the backs. I think he brings more to the team as a 3rd back, because he can block, catch passes, run, etc. Smart player. I've liked him since I learned he was an UDFA. Great screen back. I liked Davis too. Dowdle was OK.. I think Shampklin likely gives you more on ST, because he can return punts and kicks.

I didn't notice Sam Williams do too much. In the Football Team preseason game, Barno looked legit coming off the edge. I wish I would have seen our guy flash like that. In any case, I have a hunch I was onto something with Barno. Obviously, I'm not giving up on Williams. He did have a nice bullrush move out there.

Safety play was atrocious tonight.

Brown looked solid at CB.

Storey Jackson showed some aggression and had a tackle for a loss.

Fehoko scored the only TD, on a really smart route, in coverage. Wasn't pretty. But he got it done.

Tolbert looked so so, but it's really hard to get too low on him because the QBs were putrid tonight, so it really ruined the enjoyment of the game.

The game, overall, was ugly. But I'm also well aware it was a preseason game.

Way too many penalties.

If we don't fix that, McCarthy should quit right now.

He needs to be a disciplinarian. Or this won't get done.

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