Juanyeh Thomas Might Eventually Take a Suprise Roster Spot, IMO

This is my opinion, which odds are, is probably wrong. So you shouldn’t listen anyway.

Hear me out, though. Many Cowboy fans had all but forgotten that name. Juanyeh Thomas.

On the same token, many will remember the exact player we’re talking about here.

Firstly, we have the Zack Martin situation. It has been proposed that the best way to handle that situation is to meet him somewhere in the middle. Still. We also know the guy is under contract. If he were really smart here, he would be working his endorsements and utilize his status as an all-pro Dallas Cowboy to make bank in marketing endeavors. Given that he’s under an agreed upon contract, that whole landscape is changing the way not only the game is played, for example, we see running backs devalued when it wasn’t long ago when running backs were the key to winning in the league.

As far as the media, it’s really nothing like it once was, to be honest. Advertisers wised up to the fact that it’s not so much about fame, and name. It’s more about making content people want to engage with. You can get Joe Nobody, and if he’s doing something people want to interact with, he’s going to dazzle your, or his, bottom line.

ESPN, Disney, et al. have all been put on watch — for two big reasons: trust, and capability. There are many more, but I won’t talk about that, because this thread is about Juanyeh Thomas, the journey man who really only started jumping off the screen towards the end of the preseason.

And that brings me to Kelvin Joseph.

Ponder this scenario. Kelvin Joseph gets cut. He easily gets picked up by another team, given we actually have one of the best secondaries in the league, which is why people here have become spoiled and believe Joseph sucks because of how impatient we can actually afford to be as a team.

I understand it though. I want good players whoever it is. And I’m not there, so if there are players who can do what Joseph can do, then I’m all for it. I just want players who can get it done.Thus far, I’ve believed in Joseph on special teams. He responded.

Any-hoo. So you cut Joseph, which helps make up for the difference to cover Martin. And you go into the season pretending Zack Martin is still the best guard in the league.

Juanyeh Thomas, the journeyman, fills his role as a special teams ace and secondary player.

Fans praise Jerry.

Joseph goes to LA or Baltimore and makes a Pro Bowl.

Just kidding, but it could happen. Joseph was always going to be a late bloomer for the NFL. If he were the type to study tape and go the extra mile 24/7 he could make it. I just haven’t seen him develop that desire, and I fear by the time he does, he’ll be with another team. Say what you want, I see why they drafted him. He actually has a pretty low floor to where you could maybe get by with him somewhere even if starting will never be his role.

Cry me a river; happens. Everywhere.

I’m behind my computer, though. No matter how much I follow the Cowboys, there’s no telling what they’ll actually do. That’s what makes the season so fun, following it day-by-day with you Knuckleheads and Mrs. Knuckleheads.

I think a more likely scenario is injury somewhere springs him into a role, since he’s so far down the depth chart. But he was there all year and I believe another team invited him to go elsewhere and he stayed in Dallas, which shows he’s wise to stick with DQ. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. Definitely don’t quote me on that. I could be wrong. Just a fuzzy samskara on that topic.


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