Do we need to believe in Prescott to root him on?

I keep hearing this mantra from fans who say” I don’t believe Dak is the guy, or is enough, etc..

OK, who really cares what fans believe.

What we need to be discussing or bashing are the ones responsible for believing and investing in Prescott .

It’s like ok. We paid him, why isn’t he meeting those expectations? Instead of maybe the guys who invested in him missed the boat or had ulterior motives or lack thereof.

Personally , I’ve thought he’s been over valued , not Elite and would need much support for the ultimate team success but I see no reason to bash him . It’s not his fault our front office over valued him.

In the meantime , I’ll still root him on like the other 52 guys on the roster. I don’t have to believe in anything. This thought that we can’t support our guys unless we believe in them is pure rubbish and simply egotistical fan rhetoric.

Who cares if you believe in him or not. And nobody cares if you thought you were right. The only ones we hold accountable are the ones making the decisions. That’s who should bear the brunt of the bashing and criticism. They are the ones who continue to believe and invest in him without more success. The fans are just rooting on their guys . Until they aren’t their guys.

If you want to discuss stats and results that’s fine but fans discussing this personal belief is pure crappola. Who cares. Lol

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