Creatively thinking about the Cowboys Offensive Line

LT – Terrence Steele: Steele filled in for Tyron Smith last year when Smith was out, so the Cowboys already know Steele can be an adequate replacement. Moving him back to LT wasn’t the plan, but it beats putting a rookie or Josh Ball at LT.

LG – Tyler Smith: Smith has spent the entire off-season working at LG, and he shows a lot of power there, especially in the run game. Instead of setting him up to fail in a baptism of fire at LT, let Steele take that role, and allow Smith to develop into a dominant LG

C – Tyler Biadasz: While the Cowboys would like an upgrade from Biadasz at center, he’s been a starter from Day 1 of his career in the NFL.

RG – Connor McGovern: by all accounts, McGovern is better at RG than he is on the left side. He’s never going to beat out Martin, but it may be better for the Cowboys to start McGovern on the right side.

RT – Zack Martin: All-Pro Guard Larry Allen spent a couple of years playing tackle for the Cowboys in the 90’s when they didn’t have a good solution at tackle, and he made the Pro-Bowl as a tackle. If anyone on the Cowboys roster has the ability to flex into a new position, and continue to dominate, it is Martin.

Backup players. This leaves Josh Ball and Matt Waleska as you back up Tackles. Let them battle all season for the Swing Tackle job. Meanwhile, the Cowboys will need to add veteran interior depth for the Oline, while keeping Farniak as the game day backup at both guard and center.

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