This Offseason The Cowboys Have Taken The Bull By The Horns

This offseason does not appear any different on the surface. The Cowboys are Signing their Own. They skipped The 1st week of Free Agency . . . And made a couple Trade for "Big Name" Veterans at or nearing the BiG Three Oh

Yet it is different . . . Those veterans are still playing at an unbelievably high level and were acquired for peanuts. . . And they both appear to be perfect Compliments to the young Nucleus that’s set in Place

This trades show that The Cowboys have their Ear to the Ground and where being very Active on The Phones . . . Anyone can sign a Free Agent but The Cowboys put the Work in on those 2 Transactions. . . Bravo . . .

That’s when Stephen started Cooking and Had The Texans pick up part of the Tab and then he showed some Genius and freed up some more money . . . I was in shock

All of this Done to set up The Draft to Fall to us

Cowboys always play the Numbers . . .

What position is weak in the Draft? . . . WR . . . Cowboys: Check

What Position is loaded? . . . TE and RB . . . Cowboys: Just happen to "Need One of Those"

Hey Cowboys could yeah use a plug and Play Interior Lineman in case Tyron needs a couple extra weeks off to mend? . . . Cowboys: Yeah there are a couple guys I am eyeing in the 3rd

And The MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION . . . Hey Cowboys How come you have failed to Address The DT position, are you Ever going to? . . . Cowboys: Patience Grass Hopper There are 3 or 4 that will fall into our lap at #26

My prediction is DT, TE, G, RB/QB, QB/RB (4th and 5th Rd are dependent upon the board) . . . rest of draft is best player available . . . I prefer CB and DT and K

Just Add Wagner with the Extra Cap Dollars and we may have to make Room in the Case

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