The Organic Tank

It was clear that JJ was upset after the SF loss as he did not immediately give a vote of confidence to MM’s return. He talks up Quinn as a potential HC. The relationship between MM and the FO seems icy and tense now— a far cry from the sleepover pajama days of 2020.

Since the SF loss? JJ trades, restructures, and cuts bloated salary and unwanted players from the roster.

MM is 2 years into a 5 year deal. JJ is paying him whether he is HC or not. Do you bring in a new HC and pay two guys while you adjust your roster and try and solve your cap issues?

Or do you pay the current HC and saddle him with roster reforms that will lead to a justifiable firing after a mediocre year— while at the same time clearing cap and roster issues to set up your next HC in a decent position?

I think the FO is making some course corrections and are allowing McCarthy to “go down with the ship” in order to be in a better position in 2023 with either Quinn or Payton installed as HC.

This is the only strategy that makes any sense— considering the mood and moves made this offseason.

I am not saying I am in support of this strategy— just mulling over the current state of the franchise and the puzzling decisions of the FO. But— if you want out of some bad decisions you have made in terms of contracts, you are going to have to face the music at some point and eat a crap sandwich.

Best to eat those sandwiches in one bite rather than a nibble here or there. Is it possible that this strange offseason is evidence that the FO is allowing this season to tank in order get out from some bad moves and deals with their eyes on 2023?

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