The Offense will determine our season

Look folks, I want the Cowboys to win a Super Bowl as much as any fan but you are crazy if you think this offense has proven it can come out and consistently execute. It’s not a hopeless situation, but it doesn’t look good for us.

Let’s start with the most important area, the offensive line. We have no idea what is going to happen on the left side. Tyler Smith had no time in preseason at LT. Dude couldn’t even out right win the starting LG position. Speaking of his competition, McGovern proved absolutely nothing last year in his time at LG. We all know what Zack can do, But he can’t carry this offensive line by himself. Steele and Biadasz have proven they can play in the pros, But even they had consistency problems last year, and Zack cannot support everyone. I just hope they can all hang tight until Peters is ready. And I hope that we don’t lose Dak for the year because of this. If we lose any of our tackles to injury it starts to get extremely scary.

At running back, all of the interviews point to the Cowboys trying to play both backs now and open up the offense and be less predictable. Pollard is obviously faster than Zeke, but even the most optimistic have to admit we cannot trust this guy to block the same way and right now that is a huge need. Jerry Jones is on record multiple times saying that Zeke is the man and the offense goes through the run. Even if the coaches truly believe Pollard is the starting back, here we go with the owner/GM problem, we’ll never see what can be. Big Mac is no Parcells, he can’t override the Jerry machine. We have a steady starting tight end, as much as Dalton was dogged in the offseason, that’s about the only thing we can be thankful for right now. The back up rookie had a good showing, but again… he’s an unproven later round Rookie!

Moving on to WR, CeeDee has to prove he can be the man with no one taking the pressure off of him. He struggled playing with Coop in some games, how does he do it with Gallup and Washington out?? He’ll still have his days, but how is Dak going to execute to Lamb 100% of the time with no blocking? And even TO couldn’t help the Eagles win a Super Bowl coming back early from an injury, what makes us think Gallup is going to be a game changer? We have a giant depth chart full of unproven receivers to back him up. Noah Brown is not the answer, how many times did he blow the big catch last year? We have an offensive coordinator who has yet to prove he is the real deal and can adjust to the opponent.

Here is the good news, the Defense IS for real – starters, coaches and depth! This is a constantly rotating group that now gets to play together another season. We have arguably the best defensive player in the NFL. We even have dudes like Bohanna coming out who according to Micah Parsons is going to impress a lot of people. Quinn took note, He has the big man there to stop the run. Special teams, let’s be honest, Greg the Leg was never consistent, how much more of a downgrade is it to Maher? We have a return man who is the fastest guy we’ve seen in a while, and Fassel has done a great job improving our special teams. Both Defense and ST are not the issue, they’re going to help us compete but offense is going to have to execute.

What is the good news? Brady ain’t exactly living in paradise either on his offensive line and their injuries, but unlike Dak, he has proven many years over he can make it work with anyone on that line, all the way to the Super Bowl. And even if our offense stinks the first few games, we have Peters coming who can play any position we need him except center, our two best wideouts after Lamb are on the way. So if our offense makes it happen this early, you can bet this is going to be a damn good year. But if they fail, season is not over and we can still make it happen, but there are going to be some frustrating games this year.

Hoping for a good season. Silver and blue til I die! :yourock:

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