Some Opinions from the Game Against the Giants

I believe it is important to understand this was the Giants last night. All the 2-0 crowing by the press does not change who they are. Change two Pass Interference calls that were not made and this game would look far different.

1. This offensive line is coming together. The game was won in the trenches, and the offensive line held up their end. The running game was exceptional at times. Due primarily to the offensive line moving bodies.

The triumvirate of Tyler Smith, Jason Peters, and Tyron Smith is a luxury not witness here since the early 90's. The dominance of the front five on offense will carry this team a long way this season.

2. The running game gave Dallas the option for play action. At times it seemed Rush was yards from any defender as he set up to throw. This could be considered new territory for Dallas over the last couple of years having both a solid run game and time for the QB to throw. Taking nothing away from Rush, but having an unharassed QB makes a world of difference. Especially married to a run game which moves the chains.

3. The Dallas defensive line are serious meat-eaters. I suspect Micah was still feeling the effects of food poisoning. And the Giants did everything they could to slow his sack roll. But even when he is under the weather, and being doubled and tripled, his potential to crush the air out of the other team's passing game opens up things for other players on the defensive line. When was the last time you watched a game and thought Tank Lawrence was actually earning his pay? He looked like an all-pro last night. He should make a couple of Micah's house payments for the Giant's game only.

4. Peyton Hendershot looked good at times in the passing game. Now imagine what this team will look like with Dalton Schultz on the field with him. I don't want to make too much out of Hendershot's game against the Giants. But if he can bring this every week, this may end up being the tandem Dallas was hoping for when they had Schultz and Blake Jarwin. These two players patrolling the middle of the field open up the edges for the wide receivers.

5. Gallup will add a deep dimension to this offense. Stretch the defense a bit. Having the full compliment of receivers can only make this team even more potent.

6. Rush played within himself. He delivered the ball and moved the offense. I am not down on him and appreciate what he does. Drive the bus.

I have to wonder how he will play if called upon to lift the team to a win against a tougher opponent than the Vikings, Bengals, and Giants. His game looks rather vanilla. I'd like to see who he is when Dallas plays the Eagles in a couple of weeks.

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