Rams offense v Cowboys defense

Was interested in checking out some of the Rams offensive stats after watching their game the other night and how poorly they performed. I was also looking into our rush defense rankings from another thread and decided I'd throw out some of the stats I was interested in.

Their offense has been horrible so far. They haven't been able to pass, run, protect the QB or protect the ball. Their running game, sacks given up, and turnovers are at the very bottom of the league and their passing hasn't been much better. I haven't paid any attention to them so far this year. What's the deal with them? Injuries? Free agency losses? Super Bowl hangover?

We've been excellent against the pass and pretty poor against the run, so it's nice to see that they struggle worse running the ball than we do stopping it. I think we get after Stafford, get a turnover or 2 and do a decent job, for us, of stopping the run. But they are the champs and can turn it around quickly. Whether they turn up the offense or continue to stink it should be fun either way watching our D go up against them.

Rams Offense

Points per game: 17.5 ranked #29

Yards per game: 294 ranked #28

Yards per play: 4.7 ranked #31

Passing yards per game: 225 ranked #20

Passing yards per attempt: 6.8 ranked #21

Rushing yards per game: 68.5 ranked #30

Rushing yards per attempt: 3.3 ranked #29

Sacks per game: 4.0 ranked #29

Giveways per game: 2.3 ranked #28

Cowboys Defense

Points per game: 15.5 ranked #3

Yards per game: 308 ranked #7

Yards per play: 4.6 ranked #4

Passing yards per game: 171 ranked #6

Passing yards pers attempt: 4.8 ranked #2

Rushing yards per game: 137 ranked #27

Rushing yards per attempt: 5.0 ranked #24

Sacks per game: 3.8 ranked #2

Takeaways per game: 1.0 ranked #21

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