Pivotal Season for Cowboys and Dak Prescott

There are many ways to spin the events of this offseason, each of which have been covered more than adequately right here in our community.

Did the Jones' do enough to acquire quality players / depth outside of the draft? No probably not, I don't think many (if any) would argue that. Their reasonings have been debated back and forth since the SF playoff game ended with many interesting suggestions raised. That debate, like many others, will never end…

Was Tyler Smith the right OL for this team? A reach on a project? A smart investment in a mauler to return glory to the run game?

Is Ceedee a true number 1 WR? Can he be?

Is the defense legit? Or were they too much feast and famine and unlikely to reproduce?

Can Diggs be a lockdown CB? Can Micah maintain his pace?

None of these questions are likely to be answered prior to September 11 kickoff, and even a few weeks after, but they'll all be secondary to one very interesting development. The question of Dak's ability to be a next level leader at QB will be answered, bit by bit, week by week for 18 weeks, live and in color!

In the past Dak has thrived when all his weapons are polished and ready to go, and when the artillery is well stocked – Great OL, Top flight RB, stable of WRs. Any time those things weren't in place his step back in production was noticeable. However, there were always other factors as well – the ankle, the shoulder, the calf – well now, six years later, fully healthy for the whole offseason, for the first time ever, those other factors don't exist.

Can Dak put this team on his back and deliver results? Can he do more with less as we have seen truly elite QBs do? Love him or hate him, all Cowboys' fans should be hoping the answer to these questions is yes unequivocally. But one thing is for sure, they will be no longer up for debate by the time the dust settles on the 2022 NFL season.

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