Next year instead of being 3rd best team in the NFC, we’ll be the best

We have 4 Pro Bowlers on defense.

Our offense still a concern against teams like the 49ers despite being great against most other teams, including 3 of the NFC teams that made the playoffs: Eagles, Vikings, Giants….. and Tampa, if you wanna add them.

But I think next year with the addition of Gilmore, and possibly a few more players, we’ll overtake the 49ers. As for the Eagles, you can argue that we could’ve already beat them in the playoffs if the game actually happened. 40-34…. . Eagles defense exposed against good QBs like they have all year: Rodgers, Dak, Goff, Mahomes, and Heinicke (the lone bad quarterback among that 5) killed them despite their power against everyone else, so we know what their main Achilles was.

I can’t see Green Bay elevating next year with no Rodgers. Who else could possibly elevate? Maybe Seattle since that Wilson deal is about to show their advantage next year, but I don’t think they’ll be as talented as us.

Time to bring home the Super Bowl. Maybe we still won’t be better than the Chiefs or the teams from the AFC, but let’s just GET THERE first.

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