My thoughts on Mazi Smith

I have thumped the table many times about the Clown Show ignoring DT and the consequences of that. I saw a small bit of light when they got Hankins; but I was completely shocked at this.

Now I do have concerns about him, specifically whether he will keep up the effort full game. There were signs of that at Michigan.

But still in a lot of ways he is exactly what this team has needed for some time.

Those obsessed about pass rush need to take a chill pill, NO TEAM has all its D lineman capable of a pass rush. NO ONE.

We have been soft up the middle far too long because of Marinelli’s obsession with ‘quick twitch’ and other garbage.

I have always been surprised that a man that played Guard in college should be so oblivious for so long on the value of really good DTs.

But then Jethro has never really been a football man no matter what he claims.

Now who finally pushed this kind of investment I do not know but I thank him.

IF KC was really after him then I can understand our move; and I guess they could not find a trading partner going down.

I would have liked to not have to spend a first on him but at the same time I welcome the investment.

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