My takeaways from Philly game

Sure a Cowboys win would have been great. But in reality, it really doesn’t matter other than getting a bye week/home game. These two teams are going to meet 3 times and the only game that matters is the 3rd meeting. And the Cowboys just showed Philly they can stand toe to toe with them and have the ability to beat them in their house if they had a RT who shows up that day.

Some positives to take away.

1. Cowboys have found their clutch TE in Ferguson.

2. The offense is getting better and better attacking downfield after being pretty conservative the first few weeks.

3. Dak is finding his groove and his accuracy has been great these last couple games since finding his legs.

4. Tolbert and Turpin played their way into more playing time.

5. Cowboys outplayed Philly many respects but lost the situational football aspect.

6. Philly lost their TE during the most difficult stretch of their schedule.

7. They don’t miss LVE at all. Allowed only 2.4 per rush to Swift. 2.3, 3.8 and 3.3 the last 3 weeks since he went down.

8. Held Philly to second worse offensive production of the season. AJ Brown 66 yards, least productive game this year.

9. These two teams are pretty evenly matched.

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