I don’t think we really improved our chances for a Championship

Sure we may have drafted some good players.

This draft was a total nuts and bolts draft. It’s cool we improved on a already elite NFL defense.


Dallas biggest weakness was offensive playmakers and all we really did was add Brandon Cooks.

The guard spot is still weak.

I think if they go with their best 5 then that means Tyler back at guard and Tyron back at left Tackle.

I just don’t see a team as it’s currently constructed that’s competing with the Eagles for the division or the conference.

My hope is they have something up there sleeve.

It’s hard for me to believe that Ronald Jones is really going to be their #2 back.

The Cowboys are also really giving Tolbert an opportunity to shine with not giving him any real competition.

My hope is that Dallas will somehow pull off a miracle trade and get Derrick Henry in here.

The Titans are not a contender and Henry kinda changes everything for us. Immediately makes us a legit Super Bowl contender.

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