How impactful has Jason Peters been?

Jason Peters hasn't made a huge impact on the field as a blocker for the Dallas Cowboys this season. But you have to take into account his overall impact on the young players.

There are many reports of Jason Peters giving Tyler Smith advice and coaching on how to play the position of Left Tackle better – even during games. You have to wonder if Tyler Smith would have played as well as he has without the sideline coaching coming from Jason Peters. And this might not be limited to just coaching up Tyler Smith. He apparently relishes the opportunity to help his younger linemates become better players. Has he also helped McGovern? What about Steele?

I think everyone remembers the impact that Tony Romo had on a young rookie QB named Dak Prescott in 2016. And after Romo left, Dak's play dropped off. Sometimes, the value of a player/coach in the locker room can be overlooked. I think Peters may have a future either as a coach or, if he also has the gift of gab, he might become a good color commentator like Romo has become. Given that Peters family is from east Texas, keeping him around as an assistant offensive line coach after this season is something the Cowboys should seriously consider.

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