Different Approach

I think we have had a nice offseason and are taking a somewhat different approach to combat what the eagles are doing – and I like it.

Our limitation last year was Dak. Moore is gone and MM going to rein in a lot of the freedom and gunslinging that we saw out of Dak. We’ll see more short throws, more easy stuff. And I think that plays to our favor in the NFCE. For years, Tom Brady made a living checking it down or hitting a crossing route. If we scheme up the speed on the roster we can do the same.

The Eagles have a ton of beef in the middle. Hope those boys like to run. Sweep to pollard. Swing to pollard. Screen to cooks. Reverse with Lamb. Check down to Deuce. For this we needed better blocking out of our TEs. Dak got in trouble last year when people got in his face up the middle. This new offense both negates that and neutralizes a strength of Philly.

Then on the defensive side of the ball – beef up the middle. That’s what we did (with both Mazi and Fehoko). Keep the LBs clean. Add speed (overshown). No more college offense from hurts – he’ll have to throw it (into a much improved secondary).

Y’all can be gloom and doom – I see a cohesive strategy to build a football team that matches up well against teams we need to beat and can travel to any environment.

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