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The Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl, three times every year; the day of the draft, during OTAs, and Training Camp.

Every puff piece that comes from Jerry’s minions includes positives about all the draft picks, the few free agents we signed, and how glorious our new defense will be under Zimmer. Let’s be honest, we have a mediocre team that somehow plays well in the regular season, especially at home, and then they collectively swallow the Jim Jones Kool-aid and fold like a cheap umbrella in the playoffs.

This team has huge holes in offense and defense. We have no good to great running backs. We have two retread veterans, a player who is good and would be a good second if we had an RB1 Deuce, who is a fan favorite, is unlikely to carve out a career in the NFL that looks anything like his college production. He is just too darn small.

On the defensive side of the ball, we have glaring holes at DT and Linebacker. We have no one who can clog the middle. I see nothing but red flags concerning Mazi. They are now referring to mental health issues on top of his lack of production. That is not good. I hate when fans prematurely call a player a bust, but in this case I have a foreboding feeling that Mazi was a wasted NO. 1 pick. (Same for Schoonmaker, a wasted 2nd round pick).

We are in the process of adopting a completely different defensive scheme, something that takes time and leadership. We have limited time and other than D Law, we have no leadership on the defensive side of the ball. There seems to be some confusion as to where Parsons fits in the defense. They always talk about moving him around, but folks, Zimmer is a run-first defense and our DEs will not be attacking the QB on every down. This defense requires discipline and attention to detail. Do we think our players, who are pampered beyond belief, are going to buy into Old School and adapt to its intricacies? Our guys love to freelance and get the accolades that come with QB sacks.

Lastly, I loved what Bland did last year but we cannot expect anything like that this year. Bland is a gambler and from what I saw from him last year, not a coverage corner. He routinely got torched when he wasn’t picking off errant passes. He makes me very uncomfortable. We need to sign Gilmore. I just don’t understand our FO, why are they not signing him to an incentive-laden contract? He brings veteran experience and leadership. We probably lose him to Houston who will pay him two sacks of coal and incentives that require contribution. We played this game with Zeke and he went to the Pats. We must have thought that he was washed up. But now, a year later, he is the prodigal son and the answer to our abysmal running game. That is a tough one to swallow. I like Zeke as a pass blocker and a short-yardage guy. In my opinion, we never should have let him walk. He could have been helpful in our red zone running quagmire.

In conclusion, please do not fall for all the puff and effusive praise about players that are thrown about at this stage of the season. I just read an article where McCarthy was gushing with enthusiasm about Freeman. He is a poor man’s Zeke and someone who has been cut more than Leon "Cyclone Hart in his fight with Vito Antuofermo in 1977. We will not win the Super Bowl again this year. I am concerned, that with our schedule, we will have a below 500 team. Then the blood letting will begin. Bye, Mike McCarthy, it was nice knowing you. Will Zimmer step up? Will Dak be gone also? I see some dark clouds in the horizon, so I am setting my expectations low so as not to be expecting more than what this team can give us the fans who seem to care much more about winning than some of the players who see playing as strictly a business.

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